Every time I go visit my feisty babushka (that’s Russian for “grandma”), I am smothered in photos of my parents and grandparents, photos of kindergarten events and old vacations, photos of times I was present for and times before I was born. But, in essence, all of those photos represent me, even if I’m not in them.
And, in a small way, I want to add to the big picture of your family tree. I want your children and grandchildren to treasure moments and photos that they will get to look back on one day. And that’s why I love photography.



“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”
– John Keats
My uncle, mother, and grandmother.
Yofi means “beauty” in Hebrew. We love photography because we love beauty – and it’s beautiful to capture the essence of people in a special moment. Sometimes we all forget how amazing those around us really are. Our passion is to have it hold still for us, if even for one photo.
When we’re not shooting photos or editing, we’re probably spending time catching up on the latest season of Survivor, playing with Bo, our 15 pound Shih Tzu mix, watching a Pixar movie and crying our eyes out (that’s mostly Vlad), enjoying a nice tall glass of iced coffee at one of the many fantastic local cafes in Chicago, or discovering how to make a homemade Indian or Mexican dish without burning down our kitchen.
No matter what we’re doing, we love simply being with each other, and we love being with you. Because loving people, creating memories, and capturing them is what we’re all about.
 Let’s capture some beauty together.
 – Vlad & Rachel Horol