Rachel and I have truly fallen in love with maternity photography. There is so much beauty and magic that takes place during this time in a family’s life, and it our true honor to be able to capture it.


10.11.2015-Agatha-Maternity-1.1+ 11.24.2015- Arielle-Maternity-18+ 11.23.2015-Najma-Maternity-25+ 01.03.2016-CharlotteSmith-Newborn-6+ 10.11.2015-Agatha-Maternity-18+ 10.28.2015-Daniel-20-Recovered+ 09.20.2015-Dhiman-Maternity-13+ 08.02.2015-Chanell-Maternity--29+ 09.09.2015-Tovah-Newborn-9+ 10.11.2015-Agatha-Maternity-14+ 01.13.2016-Yael-Newborn-15+ 08.09.2015-Attika-Maternity-17+ Attika-1+ 10.11.2015-Agatha-Maternity-22+ 09.13.2015-Shonda-Maternity-26+ 09.20.2015-Dhiman-Maternity-22+ 11.8.2015-Newborn-Daniel-9+ 11.24.2015- Arielle-Maternity-6+ 01.13.2016-Yael-Newborn-10+

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All dresses available to rent for a Yofi Photography Maternity Session.

1. Short Lace Dress & Underdress – Fits Med/Lrg

02.19.2016-Olga-Maternity-FBPreview-2+ 02.19.2016-Olga-Maternity-FBPreview-3+

2. Red Velvet Gown – Fits Med/Lrg

Brit-1+ 11.24.2015- Arielle-Maternity-18+

3. White Gown – Fits Med/Lrg (robe no longer available)
15194499_1838612353073324_7775695702413859802_o+ 01.05.2016-Alycia-Maternity-1+

4. Lavender Lace Gown – Fits Sm-Med
02.19.2016-Olga-Maternity-34+ 02.19.2016-Olga-Maternity-36+ 14066222_1788283758106184_2531578604127980685_o+

5. Lace Top Maternity Dress – Med-Large (Available in Red & Cream)
14692197_1819908254943734_1377995626969895525_o+ +


6. Pink Gown – Fits Sm-Lrg
PinkDress-2 (2)+ 15168795_1838611669740059_6655721468270063886_o+ 11.28.2015-KateSmith-Maternity-29+

7. Grey Gown with Tulle – Med-Lrg

Artistic Chicago Maternity Photography in Lakeview by Yofi Photo+

8. Long White Lace Dress – Sm-Med + Lrg (Underdress is available)

Makayla Gown+ 14633523_1819682111633015_8025250506203790428_o+

9. Knee-Length Black Lace Dress – Fits Sm-Med (Black underdress is available, only Black color available)



10. Blue Gown – Fits Sm-Lrg

14708072_1819673448300548_5376570681126575843_o+ Blue-Front+

11. White Floral Gown – Fits X-Small*
Chicago Maternity Photographer Dress Rental+ + Chicago Maternity Photographer - www.yofiphotography.com+
Fits bigger sizes, but may not zip up in the back all the way.

12.  Off-the-Shoulder White Dress – Fits Sm/Med
Chicago Maternity Session+ +

13. Burgundy Long Dress – Fits Sm/Med

+ +


14. New Dresses – Fits XX-Small

Chicago Maternity Photographer Dress Rental+ Chicago Maternity Photographer Dress Rental+

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