the story of us


Hi! We're Vlad and Rachel. We met here in Chicago in 2013. We really got to know each other one fateful week when we baked a three-tier Little Mermaid themed cake for Vlad's best friend.


Hi! We're Vlad and Rachel. We met here in Chicago in 2013. We really got to know each other one fateful week when we baked a three-tier Little Mermaid themed cake for Vlad's best friend.


Just as the cake slowly evolved from soupy mush to a baked beauty, our relationship turned from friend-zone to something only dreams and fondant are made of (but, really, what is fondant made of? We never got that far.) In 2015, Vlad put a ring on it and they sealed the deal.


Vlad had told me about wanting to do photography for years, so I surprised him with a nice Nikon camera as a wedding present. We first started practicing with the camera during our honeymoon in Maui, and then posted the photos online. One thing led to another, and within 6 months Vlad was doing photography full-time. About a year later, I joined in full-time, and we've been working together ever since! The business name "Yofi" is Hebrew for beauty. It really fit us so well, because our true love for photography comes from a passion for capturing the beauty of people and every day moments.


In August 2015, we figured a new marriage and business wasn't quite enough change and we adopted our furst born, Bo.


In the beginning of 2019 our lives forever changed when we had our baby girl, Olive. She is pride and joy and frustration and growth and healing and love.


And then, at the end of 2020, our little Yasha decided to arrive two weeks early to remind us that there are truly beautiful things in every bad season and bad year of life.


Now, we hope to have a life of even more love, more joy, more coffee, more dreams, more sleep, and many more memories captured for our family and yours!

Meet Rachel

lead photographer + enneagram 1

Becoming a mother changed everything for me. I both completely lost and found myself in motherhood.

Most of my life’s jobs and passions have revolved around either being with children or creativity. From being a nanny, to an infant swim instructor, to children’s clubs and after-school programs, I’ve always loved working with kids. I also have always been drawn to anything that lets me create, perfect, and work on projects that need “tweaking” (You’ve Got Mail, anyone?) From websites, to art, to home decor. Photography has truly been the perfect outlet to blend these passions together!

When I don’t have a camera in hand, I love being with family. I grew up in a family of six, and consider my siblings some of my closest friends. Marriage has a way of constantly growing, stretching, and challenging me, while also letting me hangout with my best friend all the time. I also really, really love being a mom. These little humans we have made have already brought so much healing and love into my life and have taught me so much. Becoming a mom has rocked my world, and I just pray that I can stay humble and teachable as I carry on in this journey of parenthood that no one really prepares you for.

And in all the free-time I don’t have, I love cooking, reading autobiographies and hearing people’s stories, playing Bridge (my grandparents taught me when I was 8!), and learning about anything psychology or enneagram related.


Meet Vlad

lead editor, photographer + enneagram 2

When I used to visit my feisty babushka (that’s Russian for “grandma”), I would sit down on her floral couch and she would always bring out the photo albums. Baby photos of me. Photos of the grandfather I was named after who passed away before I was born. Pictures of my other grandfather, Victor, who helped raise me and who taught me how to drive. Photos of my mom as a child and photos of her hugging me tightly. Photos of my mom before she passed away a few months before Rachel and I were married. Photos of my grandma dancing at our wedding. Photos of her with our first born, Olive. These visits to my grandmother with these real, tangible, moments and memories meant everything to me. They are truly the reason I have such a passion for what I do. I am in photography because I love people and I love the moments people who love each other create together. There is nothing more beautiful than being able to gift forever moments to families so they can have their own floral couch memories with their loved ones, looking back through their family’s years.

I love coffee. No, like, really love coffee. In all forms (iced, hot, cake). At all times. For any and all reasons. I also love dogs. No, like, love dogs. People think I’m joking when I call Bo our firstborn, but I’m not! I finally got back his DNA test results and it turns out he’s a ShihPoo, which I find hilarious. And, speaking of hilarious, I adore Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. And Survivor! At some point during the very beginning of our marriage, Rachel and I started watching a season of Survivor (neither of us being into it before) and we got hooked. We’re not big TV people, but it’s one of the few shows we love watching together.

But, more than Survivor, or Curb, or, yes, even coffee, I really love God and I love my family. As hard as it is sometimes, I love being a husband. And, as hard as it is sometimes, I love being a Daddy. I love how these roles have changed me, continue to change me, and who they are making me become.