Why August is Our Favorite Month for Family Sessions

5 Reasons We Love August Family Sessions + Photos From August 2017

Chicago Family Session Summer

Move over, October. After the dramatic, hot-and-cold-but-mainly-cold relationship we had with you last year, we’re setting our sights on a hotter, younger month. Helloooo, August!

For years, Spring and Fall have been our most requested time for family sessions. Don’t get us wrong, we love those May and October months, but we would like to introduce you to the best kept secret of beautiful family sessions – our sweet, sweet month of August. Below are 5 reasons why you should consider an August family session this year!

Chicago Family Photographer


1. Chicago’s Spring

As photographers, we often tell families that sessions in August produce photos that look like what most people dream of when they dream of Spring sessions. Flowers galore!

Chicago Family Session Park

The colors in August are just gorgeous and no sweater is needed. If you’re a fan of lots of beautiful colors in your family photos, an August session is for you!

Chicago Family Session Park


2. Here Comes the Sun

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you know how much we love that beautiful sun flare in our photos. But, honestly, who doesn’t?

Chicago Family Session Maternity

There’s a bit of magic that’s added to photos that has a little sun shining through the trees, and August is notorious for consistently beautiful, sunny days.

Chicago Summer Maternity Session


3. Come at Me, Beach

We know it’s tempting to schedule your coveted beach session in Fall, when sunrise can start as late as 7:30am, but we think August is a much better option!

Sunrise Maternity Session Chicago

If you’re willing to wake up in the weeeee hours of the day, August produces some of the most beautiful sunrise beach photos. Although you may get an extra hour of sleep in October, we promise the 80 (vs 45) degree weather makes up for it. 🙂

Sunrise Maternity Session Chicago



4. Warm Weather + Big Smiles

Chicago Family Photographer

Let’s be real. It’s much easier for kids to smile when their teeth aren’t chattering and their cheeks aren’t turning red. With August sessions, you do not have to worry about bringing those coats and gloves, and we can focus on capturing the sweet love you have for one another.

Chicago Family Session Summer


5. Skyline Photos


Chicago Skyline Photography - Chicago Family Session Skyline

Chicago Family Session Skyline

Whether you’re here for a season or a Chicago-er for life, there are so many reasons why a family session next to the beautiful Chicago skyline is something to be treasured. What’s better than having a family photo that showcases your love for each other and your love for this amazing city?!


We hope you enjoyed reading why we love August sessions! You can look over our family session packages and pricing here.

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