Brittany | Edgewater Chicago Maternity Photographer

Edgewater Chicago Maternity Photographer with Vlad from Yofi Photography

Our sunrise maternity session with Brittany and her husband Michael was amazing! These two love each other so much. I know that love will so deeply extend to their little one. I cannot wait to meet their little girl! She’s entering a world full of love and grace.

To the strongest woman I will ever know.
At first glance Mom’s hands may seem crippled and meek.
She flinches when you bump them and her grip is quite weak.
But these hands are a reflection of the woman inside,
although burdened with limits, still strong with pride.
When opening a jar seems too great a task,
it’s only after great hesitation that she finally asks.
Don’t let that mislead you for you must understand.
It’s not what they can’t do, but rather what they can.
These hands have the strength to raise a family right,
to wipe away every tear and hold you real tight.
They come together each day in prayer,
and whenever you need them, they’re always right there.
So if these hands don’t appear all that tough,
Remember they’re full of tenderness and love
and for me that’s enough.

“Mom’s Hands” – poem by Reena Sharma

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These are incredible! Were these taken by Pratt beach?

Thank you so much, Marette! 🙂 No, this is actually Montrose Beach! We haven’t done a shoot at Pratt beach yet, but definitely want to check it out.