Chicago Twins Lifestyle Newborn Photography

A Chicago In Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

I give you permission
to act your shoe size,
’cause who wants to act their age?
And I think it’s quite alright
to ask for a night light
when the bed monsters are let out of their cage.

I see nothing at all wrong
with belting out a song
in the middle of a long and boring Monday.
And I offer no good reason
why the cold and snowy season
should mean you can’t enjoy an ice cream sundae.

I’ve no problem whatsoever
with playing in bad weather
or even making pancakes in the mud.
And I feel it’s quite okay
to save for a rainy day
as long as you aren’t waiting for a flood.

Growing up’s exciting
and it probably seems inviting,
but growing up too fast is not too clever.
You’ll know it in your gut
when you’re really ready, but
if you’re lucky you’ll feel like a kid forever.


In Home Chicago Lifestyle Newborn Photography

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The above session was a In Home Lifestyle Newborn Session that took place at our client’s home in Chicago. Many of our sessions are done on location in various spots throughout Chicago, and we do studio sessions as well! Our small and intimate studio is located in the Lincoln Square area, at 5220 N Damen Ave. We offer in studio maternity, newborn, and family sessions! Interested in booking a session with us? You can see our session availability and reserve your spot here!

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