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I see you working hard for me
And wonder what it means:
Whether I will do the same
And give up my own dreams

To offer someone else my world,
A stranger from my womb,
And say: Here, take my life,
So you, not I, can bloom.

I often wonder at the depth
Of that cool sacrifice;
I know it can’t be “just because,”
Or simply to be nice.

It is so awesome, I can’t think
How I could make that choice,
Except I see something in you
That gives my own heart voice.

I see sometimes a happiness
Amid the stressed-out day
That no one else can hope to know
In any other way.

I feel it when you look at me
And understand sometimes
That things I do, I do for two,
And then your hard life shines.

And when I give you grief, I know
That all the bitter pain
Between a mom and growing child
Is simply like the rain

That alternates with sunny days,
Passion without end,
While underneath is more of life
Than we can comprehend.

And then I know, perhaps, why I
Like you might be so moved
To give my life to someone else,
And know that I have loved.

– poem by nicholas gordon –


In Studio Chicago Maternity Photography

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The above session was a Simple Studio Maternity Session that took place at the Yofi Photography studio in Chicago. Many of our sessions are done on location in various spots throughout Chicago, and we do studio sessions as well! Our small and intimate studio is located in the Lincoln Square area, at 5220 N Damen Ave. We offer in studio maternity, newborn, and family sessions! Interested in booking a session with us? You can see our session availability and reserve your spot here!

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