Yofi Photography’s Family Session Clothing Guide


We are passionate about helping our families in planning their outfits for a session because  clothes you wear make such a big impact on the outcome of your photos! It can be exciting for some to plan but daunting for others. Don’t worry! We are here to guide you and are always an email or text away if you need some extra help or input. 🙂

1. How does that make you feel?

There is nothing that sets the feel of photography more than what you decide to wear! Whether you are drawn to a romantic, casual, moody, or modern feel in family photos, your clothing will help pull together and determine this. Do you love soft and romantic? A maxi dress is a must. Do you love modern and casual? Try a textured top with cropped jeans.


2. Don’t match, do coordinate!

It’s a common misconception that everyone in a family photo has to be in the same color. This actually can take away from the beauty of a family photo! It is much better to pick a few colors, or just stick to a similar color palette. Think about designing a living room. You wouldn’t want a red couch, red chairs, red rug, red side table, and red lamp. Pick colors that compliment each other and belong together (neutrals with a pop of blue and brown, autumn colors, etc), but avoid all wearing the same.



3. Ask “Where?” and “When?”

It’s really important to think about where and when your session is happening! A dark red dress could look amazing in the fall at a forest preserve, but it’s not going to compliment a summer beach session. A black sweater could look great at a winter downtown shoot, but it’s going to look out of place at a garden in the spring. We generally recommend lights and neutrals for outdoor sessions between April-September or anytime at a beach setting.



4. The camera loves texture and accessories!

Avoid large and distracting patterns and opt for beautiful textures! Linen, knitwear, muslin, etc all photograph beautifully. Also, don’t forget the shoes! A beautiful outfit with diry, worn out, or flourescent shoes can definitely be distracting in your photos.



5. Always start with Mom!

Our final and most important tip is to start with mom’s clothing. Mom, find an outfit that you feel good in. A beautiful floral dress for a romantic feel, a sweater and cropped jeans for a relaxed feel, etc. You decide how you want to feel in your session and your photos. Pick something that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. Then, work your way through your other family members, planning colors and pieces that compliment your outfit well with the tips above. 

Side note: Sometimes the stress of an upcoming photo session can weigh on mom more than anyone else, so we always recommend for moms is to pick one thing to do to pamper themselves before the session. Something that makes them feel especially beautiful. A family session is such a special thing! These are moments and memories to cherish forever. Set the tone by doing something special for yourself. We love eyelash extensions, as these photograph so beautifully, but it can also be getting your hair and/or make-up done, nails, etc, or all of the above. Even a massage! Whatever you know will help you feel especially beautiful during these sweet moments with your loved ones.

A Few Things to Avoid

1. Black or All White
Black is a tricky color. It can look amazing in the right setting (a session in the Winter when everything is dead, an urban setting, etc). However, it should especially be avoided in the Spring and Summer when your session is at a forest preserve, beach, park, or garden. Navy is usually a much better option in these cases.

White can be great, but we recommend not putting more than one member of your family in all white! Or, trying layering a beige knit sweater on top. Mixing textures when you have similar colors can bring a lot of life to your outfit choices.

2. Fluorescent Colors
Fluorescent colors often come off as too harsh and cast color onto the faces of families. Go for more tame primary, neutral, or muted colors instead! If you love having a pop of color (which most of us do! 🙂 ) pick one piece of clothing to really “pop!” and the rest to be more tame. 

3. Distracting patterns, logos, or words
Try not to include anything too distracting! We want YOU to be the focus. A great tip is to think about colors, textures, and patterns you’d love to see in your living room. Some of the most beautiful spaces have a lot of neutral colors, great texture, and then a few small pillows and details that pop out!

4. Uncomfortable clothing or clothing that doesn’t fit
Don’t wear clothing that’s uncomfortable, needs safety pins, or looks and feels too big/small. Because, if you don’t feel comfortable in your own clothing, you won’t be comfortable during the photoshoot, which could make for some pretty uncomfortable photos! Anything that needs to be “hidden” or constantly pulled down/fixed will not make for the best photo experience. If it looks “off” in person, it’s going to look off in photos!

5. Apple watches or hairbands on the wrist & phones or keys in the pocket

We try to keep our photos feeling timeless and beautiful, so we highly recommend taking off the Apple watch, taking your phone out of your pocket, removing the hairband from your wrist, etc. It’s a great idea to bring a bag to throw all these things into when you arrive at the session!


Brands We Love

For kids, we love Zara and Jamie Kay! They have beautiful knitwear and textures that just can’t be beat. For bows and headbands, Fourth and Pierce, Ciala Co, PoseyLou are all wonderful.

Below are a few others:

Piper and Scoot


Nothing Fits But (not just for maternity!)

Free People




Feel free to email us if you need any further assistance or input on outfits. We would love to help!


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